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Services and Emergencies

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Cancun is a very modern city with all of the services you need to enjoy a wonderful, safe vacation.

There are a number of banks that provide international money services, many easily accessible ATM machines, and places where you can exchange money. Also, should you have any difficulties traveling with a credit card, there are many local resources to assist you.

Cancun also has abundant professional health services to support your medical needs. There are three private hospitals, as well as the Red Cross, a hyperbaric chamber for scuba diving accidents, emergency ambulances, and ground and air transportation in the extreme case that a patient needed to be transferred very fast, inside or outside of México.

Safety is priority in Cancun, just as it is in most major cities around the world. Our police are friendly, helpful, and ready to assist you when needed. As long as you stick to the well-populated areas and practice good judgment, you won’t have any problems.


Fire Man Cancun

(998)884 12 02

Red Cross Cancun

(998)884 16 16

Government offices

Harbur Master Puerto Morelos

(998)871 01 12
(998)871 05 91